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From: Marques Murrey

RE: Foot Thong Miracle Sock

Dear Victorious,

I’m really excited to be giving away 100 FREE Foot Thong Miracle Socks as our way of introducing you to Like the video says above, this is the best sock you will ever wear in the reduction of foot ailment as a result of diabetes.

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Marques Murrey

“Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ are the

Medical sock of the future. The advanced feature behind this sock is footwear ventilation technology. Its unique split-toe concept helps to prevent fungus from developing and its patented design is also ideal for air flow, making it the sock of choice for diabetics and those who suffer from sweaty feet or poor blood circulation.

“The exciting thing about the Foot Thongs is that there is nothing like it in the market.”

- D.E. Jones, P.A. in Internal Medicine

It’s The Only Medical Sock for Diabetics Don’t Take My Word For It!

Dr. Suzette Lee

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Using the Foot Thong can help eliminate common problems such as…

Helpful to diabetics who suffer from poor circulation

Improve in sweat absorption

Promote greater air unto the feet

Prevent foot problems from occurring

“I like the Foot Thongs because they are comfortable and light.  They come in many colors, your feet sweat less, I love it.”

- Willis McNeil, certified personal trainer

“Wearing the Foot Thongs will provide your foot with long term health care benefits a regular sock cannot provide.”

- Seth Stockton, certified personal trainer

“…when I first saw the sock, I was a skeptic, but after trying it out, it works out great.  I’d say definitely try them out if you have a chance.  I’ll be wearing them in the future…check them out.

- Bobby G., Venice Beach CA

With the Tighten Up, You’ll NEVER have to tie your shoes again!

Advantages of the Foot Thong Sock

Open Toe Design

The unique, open toe design helps keep your feet more hygienic.

Wear with Any Type of Footwear

Foot Thong allows you to wear this miracle socks with flip flops, tennis shoes, sandals and more!

Eliminates Sweat

Superior Ventilation Technology eliminates sweaty feet.

Prevents Blisters & Fungus

The patented mesh design prevents blisters and eliminates risk for foot ulcer as well as prevents fungus from developing.

Produce Better Blood Flow

This sock is designed for optimum foot health for diabetics.

It Has It All

Our patented material blend beats traditional cotton socks in comfort and hygiene.

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So why are we doing this? This is our way of introducing you the the Foot Thong Miracle Sock. We know that every time you use this miracle sock you’ll think more about your own foot health, hygiene, and comfort. And when you realize how comfortable and effective the Foot Thong Miracle Sock is, you’ll tell everyone you know about it. So that’s why…

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