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KenRe Enterprises Inc. Is an organization that was spawned after the inception of the Foot Thongs Miracle Sock™. The idea was to create a sock that offered a true medical benefit as well as function and fashion. Our mission is to ultimately become the premier supplier of fitness apparel and wellness products within North America.


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The Most Hygienic & Practical Sock

Foot Thongs Miracle Socks™ prevent foot fungus, foot sweat, blisters, athletes foot, & foot odor. What’s not to love?

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Dear Customer,

My name is Regina Murrey.  I am the founder of Foot Thongs Miracle Socks (FTMS), a subsidiary of KenRe.  In 2000, I invented a new and innovative sock. Unlike many other podiatry socks, FTMS provides the user with a true medical benefit and can also be a fashion statement. The mission of KenRe is to ultimately become a premier supplier of fitness apparel, wellness products and associated services within the United States and Canada. Facing many challenges over several years, and with hard work and persistence, I was granted a U.S. Patent for the innovative design and construction material of the FTMS. Three individuals were responsible for the development and promotion of the FTMS.  I am behind the product design and research and development,  Mr. Kenneth Murrey, CFO, is responsible for purchasing requisitions and quality control of the product.  Mr. Marques Murrey, CEO, handles marketing, strategic direction, and investor’s relations.

With other products being launched in the near future, Foot Thongs Miracle Socks is the launching pad of what we believe is an exciting business opportunity. KenRe Enterprise, Inc. is in the business of reinventing and commercializing footwear technology for the medical and fitness apparel markets. It is our goal to be considered as the company of choice for Wellness products in which we provide.

Thank you for visiting our website.  KenRe Enterprise, Inc. will continuously work to produce the best product; and, we assure you that we will strive to conduct business in a manner that is deemed to be highly professional and ethical in nature.

Regina Murrey

Founder / Inventor, Foot Thong Miracle Socks